Technical Documents

Technical documents

Technical documents detailing Automist® performance testing and fire safety recommendations

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As a private landlord, I’m becoming increasingly aware of the safety of my tenants in relation to fire. Firemist installed 2 Smartscan Hydra wall units and 1 pump to my rental property, they designed and installed my system in a very professional manner without any disruption. I’m now reviewing all of my rental property portfolio with the intention of Firemist installing Automist to all of them in the near future. E Powell E PowellPrivate landlord/property investor My serviced accommodation now has an automist system installed thanks to Firemist. An amazing system, all fitted and explained to me without any trouble. N JonesCreek house investments Previous Next


Frequently asked question about Automist Smartscan Hydra® Why is Automist® mounted on the wall and not on the ceiling? Automist® dispenses a water mist ‘fog’ from a wall mounted position directly at the fire, so that the water mist doesn’t have to penetrate the hot layer of gas and smoke at the ceiling of the room.

  • Minimising evaporation of the water mist
  • Maximising the amount of water mist drawn into the base of the fire, for maximum suppression

  What size is the Automist Smartscan Hydra® faceplate? The face plate of Automist Smartscan Hydra® is 124mm wide by 129mm height. The depth required to recess the sprayhead into the wall is 70mm. The sprayhead can be mounted to a plasterboard wall, a solid brick/block wall or recessed into a fixed piece of furniture (eg. bookcase). What size is the Automist® pump? The Automist® pump is 182mm wide, 240mm deep and 365mm high. 100mm of clearance is required around the pump. Space for the water supply and filter will also need to be considered. The pump will need a dedicated electricity supply and a water supply with a required pressure of 1.5 bar and a flow rate of 8 litres per minute. What is Flashover? Flashover occurs when heat inside a room builds to a high enough temperature that all combustable items within that room will ignite. Automist® is designed to detect and combat a fire at an early stage in order to prevent growth, reduce heat, reduce toxic gases and to prevent a flashover. Has Automist® been tested? Automist® has been extensively tested to verify its performance in a real fire scenario. Videos of these tests can be viewed on our performance page. How is the system designed? The Automist® fire suppression system is designed using Plumis® software to achieve maximum room coverage from the wall mounted Smartscan Hydra® sprayhead. Large rooms may require more than one sprayhead to achieve full watermist coverage. What is the warranty of Automist Smartscan Hydra? Automist® standard parts warranty is 2 years. This is extended to 4 years when the end user has the system serviced annually. Where do Firemist operate? We are based in Leicestershire. We operate throughout The Midlands counties of: Leicestershire, Rutland, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, West Midlands, Derbyshire Warwickshire, Stafforshire, Shropshire, Cambridgeshire, Worcestershire. Does legionella form in the Automist® water system? Once installed and commissioned, the Automist® high pressure hoses are pressured with air to remove all water in the system, resulting in a ‘dry pipe’ system, reducing the risk of legionella. The Plumis® legionella risk assessment can be viewed here. How do I install an Automist® system? The installation of Automist® fire suppression systems is only carried out by Plumis® approved installers. These installers are fully trained by Plumis® to design, install, commission and maintain Automist® systems. In order to achieve Plumis® approval, all installers must be insured and undergo an annual inspection. Why do Automist® use electronic detectors? Ceiling mounted smoke and heat detectors are designed to give an early warning of fire to the Automist® system, allowing Automist® to combat a fire in its early stages, reducing heat, toxic smoke and increasing the time that occupants have to escape safely. What is retrofit? A retrofit installation is when Automist® is installed in an existing building. Automist can be retrofitted with minimal disruption to the fabric of an existing building – ideal for any occupied premises and heritage buildings. Does the Automist® pump need electricity and water? The Automist® pump requires a mains water supply delivering 8 litres per minute flow and 1.5 bar pressure. (this is confirmed at system design stage). The electricity supply needs to be a circuit dedicated to the  Automist® system, wired in fire resistant cable and protected by a C16 circuit breaker or residual current device. The electrical supply can be installed by Firemist or project electrical contractor. Can Automist® be stopped once activated? There is a stop button located on the  Automist® controller. During Automist® activation, the stop button on the controller can be pressed to halt water mist from being dispensed. This will stop the water mist spray but the system will remain in an active state, scanning for fire should it reignite. What happens if my Automist® system activates? In the event of a fire, Automist® will dispense water mist for 30 minutes unless the controller stop button is pressed. Automist will then require recommissioning in order to fully reset the system and remove all water from the high pressure hoses. Does Automist® require servicing? Automist® manufacturer, Plumis® recommends that systems are serviced annually. Automist systems that are service annually are eligible for a warranty increase to 4 years. (standard warranty, 2 years).