System Components

Learn about the components of your Automist® system

The Automist Smartscan Hydra® sprayhead

This sleek wall-mounted device is positioned to achieve the most effective coverage. When it receives an activation signal from a smoke or heat detector, it performs a fire scan and targets water mist directly at the fire. The high-pressure water mist is effective at suppressing a fire as far as six metres away. Up to six Automist® sprayheads can be connected to one Automist® pump.
For large rooms, more than one Automist® sprayhead can be installed to provide full water mist coverage.

Ceiling mounted fire detectors

Ceiling mounted electronic fire detectors are designed to detect and alert the presence of fire as early as possible. This is exactly their function when connected to the Automist® system, early fire detection is one of automates strongest attributes.
Fire detectors connected to Automist® can be wired or wireless (battery replacements are scheduled for each annual system service). Ceiling detectors are either a multi-sensor type that detect smoke or heat, or a heat only detector (usually used in kitchens to prevent false alarms).
For large rooms, one detector can be paired with multiple Automist® spray heads.

system components
system components

Automist® controller

This Automist® controller is located within the protected property, usually positioned near to the Automist® pump. This controller will monitor the system and alert when a fire occurs or if a fault is present. During Automist® activation, the stop button on the controller can be pressed to halt water mist from being dispensed. This will stop the water mist spray but the system will remain in an active state, scanning for fire should it reignite.

Automist® pump

The compact Automist® pump can be conveniently installed in numerous household locations (eg. kitchen cupboard/ under stairs). This pump requires a mains electricity supply and a connection to a standard mains water supply (minimum requirement of 8 litres per minute water supply flow, 1.5 bar water supply pressure). Unlike many traditional fire sprinkler systems, Automist® does not require space for a water storage tank or an upgraded water supply to the property.

Compact Automst pump
system components

Cable & High-pressure hose

Cables carry communication signals between all of the Automist® system components.
A high-pressure hose is responsible for carrying water from the pump to the wall-mounted Automist® sprayheads.

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