How Automist® works

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How it works

If a fire occurs, Automist® is activated by ceiling mounted smoke or heat detectors. Automist® then performs a scan for the fire within the room. When the fire is identified, Automist will dispense highly effective water mist directly at the fire, cooling and removing oxygen to suppress it.
The Automist Smartscan Hydra® fire suppression system consists of up to six wall mounted  intelligent watermist sprayheads, ceiling mounted smoke/heat detectors, a controller and a compact pump connected to mains water and electricity. Unlike many traditional fire sprinkler systems, Automist does not require large pumps or a large water storage tank to be installed within the property.

Advantages of Automist®

  • Achieve a fire safe open plan living space
  • Building control approved
  • Intelligent activation system to avoid false alarms
  • Dry pipe system, no legionella or risk of leaks
  • Minimal disruption when installing to existing buildings
  • 90% less water used than traditional fire sprinklers – minimal
  • Meets industry standard fire tests
  • Extensively tested to meet performance standards