Installation and Servicing

Learn about the installation and servicing of your Automist® system

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Following a comprehensive site survey, we will produce a detailed design and quotation for your Automist® system.

Installation process

Following a comprehensive site survey, we will produce a detailed design and no obligation quotation.

We carry out every stage of your Automist® installation to ensure workmanship meets the highest standard.

The 1st fix installation involves:

  • Preparing the positions of the Automist® sprayheads
  • Preparing the routes for cables and high-pressure hoses
  • Installing the mains power supply and mains water supply for your Automist® pump

The 2nd fix process of the Automist® installation is to install and connect the Automist smart scan hydra sprayheads, electronic ceiling mounted detectors, Automist controller and pump.

Once the 2nd fix process is complete, the comprehensive commissioning process will be carried out and documented.

This involves recording the serial numbers of all system components and testing the function of every ceiling-mounted detector and wall-mounted Automist Smartscan Hydra® sprayhead. During the commissioning process, the working pressure of the system is checked and recorded. Every Automist® sprayhead is also checked in an activation scenario to confirm the correct water mist output at each unit.

Once the commissioning process is complete, the system is pressured with air to remove all water from the system leaving no risk of legionella forming.


To remain fully functional at all times, Plumis® recommend that your Automist® system is serviced annually by an approved installer.

During this service, all functions and mist system pressures are verified and each Automist® sprayhead output is checked in an activation scenario to confirm correct performance.

If your system uses wireless ceiling detectors, the existing batteries are recycled and new batteries installed.