Automist water mist protection installed to student accommodation, Birmingham.

Project Overview:

  • Location: Student accommodation building in Birmingham, West Midlands
  • Property Type: Multi-story student accommodation building
  • Scope: Installation of Automist fire suppression systems to protect the escape route from the gallery to the final exit.


Ensuring the safety of students residing in Birmingham university accommodation was a top priority. In response to evolving fire safety regulations and a commitment to enhancing safety measures, the developer of this student accommodation building in Birmingham chose Plumis Automist to satisfy their water mist fire suppression requirements. This case study focuses on the implementation of Automist systems to safeguard the escape route from the gallery mezzanine area of four student apartments.


  • Student Safety: With the means of escape route from the mezzanine floor of the student apartments passing through the living area, fire suppression was required to enhance the safety of the escape route.
  • Preservation of Escape Routes: The design of the building included a gallery leading to the final exit. The challenge was to install a fire suppression system that effectively protected this escape route without obstructing it.
  • Minimal Disruption: As student accommodation remained in use throughout the installation, minimizing disruption to residents’ daily lives was essential.


The solution chosen was the installation of Automist systems. Automist offers efficient fire suppression while using minimal water, making it suitable for safeguarding escape routes without causing excessive damage or disruption. Fire Mist were able to install the Automist fire suppression system without causing any disruption to residents or the finished decorated surfaces.

Installation Process:

  • Site Assessment: A comprehensive assessment of the building was conducted to determine the ideal placement of Automist nozzles and water supply connections, with a particular focus on the gallery and final exit area.
  • Customized Design: A customized Automist system design was developed to ensure coverage of the escape route while taking into account the unique layout and flow of the building.
  • Installation: Fire Mist specialists installed the Automist systems, ensuring precise nozzle placement to maximise fire suppression effectiveness while minimising visual impact.
  • Testing and Training: The systems were fully commissioned using the specialist Automist commissioning tools. Unlike any other water mist fire suppression system, Automist commissioning involves a full run test to verify the water pressure and flow at all wall mounted nozzles and the Automist pump.


The installation of Automist systems to this Birmingham student accommodation building demonstrates a proactive approach to student safety. By choosing Automist for this project, the developer was able to install an advanced water mist fire suppression system without any disruption to residents and satisfy and was able to satisfy recommendations of the fire risk assessment carried out on the four student apartments.

Fire safety for students in Birmingham:

When residing away from home, it is imperative to recognise potential fire hazards and implement precautionary measures. A significant number of fires in student accommodations originate in the kitchen, often due to distractions. Therefore, students are strongly advised to prioritise safety while cooking and take heed of the following guidelines:

  • Ensure that functioning smoke alarms are installed in your accommodation.
  • React promptly and evacuate safely upon hearing the fire alarm. Do not cover any smoke alarms.
  • Maintain focus while cooking.
  • Refrain from overloading sockets and keep electrical devices away from potential hazards such as curtains, paper, and water.
  • Familiarise yourself with escape routes for a swift yet secure exit.
  • Consider using fragrance sprays or reed diffusers instead of candles to create a pleasant ambiance.
  • If you smoke, ensure proper extinguishing of cigarettes. For e-cigarette users, utilise only the supplied charger to prevent battery explosions.
  • Familiarise yourself with the appropriate contacts if you observe a potential fire hazard.
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