A Solution for Fire Safety in a Derbyshire Property

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Fire safety is a critical aspect of any property, particularly in residential buildings where people live and sleep. Traditional fire suppression systems like sprinklers are not always feasible or cost-effective, especially in existing properties where retrofitting can be challenging. In recent years, alternative fire suppression systems like Automist have emerged as a solution for such cases. The property in question is a 3-storey domestic dwelling with an open plan ground floor, located in Derbyshire. The building was not fitted with a fire suppression system, and the owner was looking for an affordable and practical solution to satisfy the requirements of the building regulations.


Automist Smartscan Hydra, the innovative water mist system developed by Plumis, was chosen as the fire suppression system for the property. Automist is a compact, water mist fire suppression system that operates by delivering a targeted mist of water to suppress fires. The Automist pump connects to the existing mains water supply, making it an ideal solution for retrofit projects like this open plan, open plan property in Derbyshire.


The installation was fully handled by Fire Mist and took a full day to complete. The wall mounted Automist spray heads were strategically placed to provide optimal coverage in case of a fire. Fire Mist also installed the dedicated mains power supply circuit for the Automist system as part of this full package installation.


The Automist Smartscan Hydra system was a success in providing fire safety for the owners of this Derbyshire property. In the event of a fire, the system automatically detects and suppresses fire, limiting the spread of flames and reducing the risk of injury or death. Many homeowners report a significant increase in their peace of mind knowing that they are protected by a modern fire suppression system. Additionally, the Automist system was cost-effective compared to a traditional domestic sprinkler system, and its compact design made it a perfect fit for this domestic property.


The Automist fire suppression system was an excellent solution for improving fire safety in the Derbyshire property. Its compact design, cost-effectiveness, and easy retrofit capability made it an ideal choice for the building’s owner. The residents of the property now enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are protected by an innovative, highly effective fire suppression system.

Why Automist Smartscan Hydra?

Automist has been designed to provide fast acting, high performance fire suppression. By applying water mist from a wall mounted position, evaporation at ceiling level is minimised. When applied, water mist is drawn into the base of the fire, reducing the radiated heat, lowering the temperature, and reducing the oxygen concentration to the extent that combustion can no longer be maintained. Fire Mist are approved specialist installers of Automist Smartscan Hydra. Conveniently based in Leicestershire, we provide full installation package software Automist  throughout the Midlands.