Fire protection using Automist high performance fire protection to Loft Converted House, Warwickshire.

Fire protection using Automist high performance fire protection to Loft Converted House, Warwickshire.


In Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, a mid-terraced house underwent a significant renovation, including a loft conversion. As part of the renovation process, the homeowner recognised the importance of fire safety, especially concerning the ground floor room that served as part of escape route. To meet building regulations requirements and ensure optimal fire protection, the decision was made to install an Automist system whilst the property was being renovated.

Client’s Needs:

The homeowner aimed to enhance fire safety measures in their property, particularly in light of the loft conversion that brought with it additional fire safety measures under the building regulations.. Key requirements included:

  • Compliance with building regulations for fire safety.
  • Integration of fire protection measures seamlessly into the renovation.
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of fire suppression while minimising aesthetic impact on the property.


After thorough consultation and assessment of the property, the decision was made to install a Plumis BS 8458 misting system. Automist is a verified BS 8458 modern fire suppression technology that utilises targeted water mist to control and suppress fires effectively. Its innovative design allows for discreet installation, making it an ideal choice for seamlessly integrating into renovated spaces.

Installation Process:

  • Initial Assessment: Fire Mist conducted a detailed assessment of the property to determine the most suitable placement and configuration of the system and infrastructure. Special attention was paid to the ground floor room serving as part of the escape route since the loft conversion.
  • Design Integration: Working closely with the renovation team, the design of the Automist system was seamlessly integrated into the property’s overall renovation plans. This ensured that the system would not only meet fire safety regulations but also blend harmoniously with the aesthetic of the renovated space.
  • Installation: Fire Mist technicians installed the Automist system according to the predetermined design. Careful attention was given to ensure that the installation process was minimally invasive and did not disrupt the ongoing renovation work.
  • Testing and Certification: Once installed, the Automist system was fully commissioned and handed over to the client.


The installation of the Automist system provided the homeowner with peace of mind knowing that their property was equipped with advanced fire protection technology. The ground floor room, crucial for escape, was now safeguarded against fire hazards and satisfied building regulations following the loft conversion. Moreover, the seamless integration of the Automist system into the renovation ensured that the property’s aesthetic appeal remained intact.


The Automist installation in the mid-terraced house in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, exemplifies the importance of proactive fire safety measures in residential properties, especially following significant renovations or alterations to the building structure. By choosing Automist, the homeowner not only ensured compliance with building regulations but also invested in a reliable and discreet fire suppression solution that enhances overall safety and peace of mind.

Why was Automist used for this project instead of tradition fire sprinklers?

Automist was chosen for this project over traditional fire sprinklers for several reasons, primarily due to the specific requirements and constraints of the property and the requirements to meet the required renovation timeframes. 

The incoming water supply to the property was not sufficient to meet the water requirements of a BS 9251 domestic sprinkler system. Automist misting systems have lower water demand compared to traditional sprinkler systems, making them more suitable for properties with restricted water supplies. Automist utilises targeted water mist, resulting in lower water demand. This is advantageous for residential properties where excessive water usage may not be feasible or practical.

Moreover, traditional sprinkler systems often require water storage tanks to maintain an adequate water supply, which can take up valuable space and add complexity to the installation process. In contrast, Automist systems do not typically require large water storage tanks, making them more convenient for installation, especially during renovations.

Furthermore, the ease of integration of Automist systems into ongoing renovations was a significant factor in the decision-making process. Automist systems can be seamlessly integrated into renovation plans without significant disruption to the construction process. This is particularly beneficial for projects like this, where the fire protection system needs to be installed alongside other renovation work.

Another key advantage of Automist is its design, which is engineered to activate earlier than traditional sprinkler systems. By activating earlier, Automist extends the available safe escape time (ASET) from the property, providing additional safety benefits in the event of a fire.

In summary, Automist was chosen for this project due to its lower water demand, ease of integration into ongoing renovations, ability to provide early activation for enhanced safety and it’s certification as a verified BS 8458 water mist system.

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