Social housing provider chooses superior fire protection by Automist

Project requirements:

Fire Mist were asked to install an Automist water mist fire suppression system to a house used as temporary accommodation for social housing provider, Wolverhampton Homes. The entire process, from the initial enquiry to the finished installation, was completed in just 8 working days, demonstrating the efficiency and effectiveness of Fire Mist and the Automist system. All water and electrical requirements for the project were included as part of a turn-key installation package.


Why Automist was chosen:

Automist Smartscan Hydra was chosen for this project due to its innovative and effective approach to fire suppression. The low water requirements of Automist make it possible to connect the fire suppression system to a standard mains water supply. The high pressure hoses can be integrated into a property easier than traditional rigid pipes, making Automist an ideal solution for retrofitting to existing properties. The system uses ceiling-mounted smoke detectors to trigger a room scan. The Automist room scan is capable of recognising slow growing fires that have a small heat signature but often produce lethal amounts of toxic smoke. Instead of waiting for excessive ceiling temperatures, Automist will apply a targeted high-pressure water mist to quickly suppress fires, minimising damage and ensuring the safety of occupants. This makes it an ideal solution for social housing and vulnerable residents, who may require additional protection from fire.

Benefits of Automist for Social Housing and Vulnerable Residents:

  1. Effective Fire Suppression: The Automist system is designed to quickly and efficiently recognise and suppress fires, reducing the risk of injury or death to occupants.
  2. Minimal Damage: The water mist used by the Automist system minimises damage to the property and its contents, reducing the need for costly repairs and renovations.
  3. Efficient Installation: Fire Mist are constantly innovating and improving our installation methods and techniques, minimising disruption to homes and properties. This makes it a practical solution for social housing and vulnerable resident
  4. Cost-Effective: The Automist system is a cost-effective solution for fire suppression, providing the necessary protection without the need to install upgraded water supplies and large water storage tanks.
  5. Fully tested: A unique, innovative characteristic of the Automist system is the commissioning procedure. A commissioning attachment is fitted to each spray head to collect the water expelled from the nozzle, the pump is activated and water pressure and flow are verified to ensure each component (nozzles and pump) are tested and verified to be functioning correctly.
Automist fire suppression


The Automist Smartscan Hydra water mist fire suppression system is a highly effective and efficient solution for social housing and vulnerable residents. Its innovative approach to fire suppression, combined with its ease of installation and low cost, makes it an ideal solution for temporary accommodation and other types of social housing. Fire Mist provide quick turnaround, turn-key installations of Automist Smartscan Hydra, removing the need for the social housing provider to source other trades for fire suppression installations.

Automist fire suppression