Holiday Cottages in Staffordshire choose Automist as the ideal fire safeguarding solution.

Holiday Cottages in Staffordshire choose Automist as the ideal fire safeguarding solution.


Dale Cottages, consisting of three renovated barns nestled within a working farm in Wigginton near Tamworth, had been running smoothly as cozy vacation retreats for five years.

In October 2023, new fire safety regulations were introduced, providing specific fire safety guidance for properties of this nature. 

The Building Safety Act 2022 stipulated thorough and current fire risk assessments, alongside adequate fire safety measures, as compulsory regulations.

Recognising the significance of adhering to regulations and foreseeing potential forthcoming guidelines, Helen Pugh, the proprietor of the cottages, was committed to implementing proactive steps.

The Approach:

With an open-plan layout comprising kitchen, lounge, and diner on the ground floor, connected by a single stairway to the first floor, Helen sought a fire suppression system that could effectively protect occupants while maintaining their means of escape.

Incorporating an open-plan design featuring a kitchen, lounge, and dining area on the ground level, interconnected by a staircase leading to the upper floor, Helen pursued a fire suppression system capable of safeguarding occupants without the need to upgrade the main water sup[plies to the properties.

Following extensive research, Helen determined that the electronically activated water mist system, Automist, presented the optimal and effective solution for her properties.

Plumis approved, award winning installer, Fire Mist, skilfully fitted the system in the kitchen-living areas of each cottage, completing the installation within a day for each property. The installations were completed without any need for repairs or redecorating to finished surfaces, a huge benefit of installing Automist.

Fire Mist, an approved installer of Automist, efficiently installed the system in each cottage’s kitchen living areas, completing each installation in less than a day.

The Result:

Expressing her satisfaction with the outcome, Helen stated, “Automist proved to be the perfect fit for the job, providing reassurance that both the cottages and our guests are safe and fire safety requirements are met.”

She highlighted Automist’s ability to pinpoint the fire source and target water mist specifically to that area, as well as its intelligent activation function that prevents unnecessary activation, thus avoiding false alarms. Additionally, she appreciated the system’s dry pipe nature, alleviating concerns about Legionnaires’ disease.

Helen commended Fire Mist for their prompt and tidy installation during a busy time of year, stating, “We could trust them to handle the task seamlessly, even amidst the harvest season in August.”

How does Automist’s water mist system work, and what specific features make it an effective solution for fire suppression in holiday cottages?

Automist’s watermist system operates by utilising a fine mist of water to suppress fires. Here’s how it works and what features make it suitable for fire suppression in holiday cottages:

  • Operation: When a fire is detected, Automist’s sensors activate the system, releasing a fine mist of water from nozzles strategically placed in the affected area. The mist effectively cools the surrounding air and suppresses the fire by removing heat and inhibiting oxygen.
  • Targeted Suppression: Automist’s innovative design allows it to target the source of the fire specifically. Instead of flooding an entire room with water, it directs the mist directly at the fire, minimising water damage and allowing for efficient suppression using a standard household water supply.
  • Minimal Water Usage: Compared to traditional sprinkler systems, Automist uses significantly less water, reducing the risk of water damage to the property. This feature is particularly beneficial for holiday cottages, where preserving the integrity of the premises is essential for guest satisfaction.
  • Quick Installation: Automist systems can be installed relatively quickly, often in just a day, as mentioned in the article. This means minimal disruption to the property’s operations, making it a convenient choice for holiday cottages that need to remain operational.
  • Low Maintenance: Automist systems require minimal maintenance, offering peace of mind to property owners. This feature is especially advantageous for holiday cottages, where owners may not always be present to oversee maintenance tasks regularly.
  • Flexibility: Automist can be integrated into various property layouts, including open-plan spaces like those found in holiday cottages. Its adaptability makes it suitable for different property types and configurations.

Overall, Automist’s ability to provide targeted, efficient fire suppression with minimal water usage and low maintenance requirements makes it an effective and practical solution for safeguarding holiday cottages against the risk of fire.


For enquiries regarding the new regulations and how Fire Mist can facilitate compliance, feel free to reach out to our team for guidance.

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