Automist Fire Suppression Difficult Access New Build Site, Nottinghamshire.

Project Overview:

  • Client: Property developer
  • Location: Newark, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
  • Property Type: Open plan, timber frame new build houses.
  • Scope: Installation of Automist fire suppression systems in four new build houses in the centre of Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire.


In the heart of Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire, a private property developer undertook the construction of four new residential houses. The access route to the infill plot of land limited the access available by a fire appliance.  Recognising the importance of modern fire safety measures, and requiring fire suppression to satisfy building regulations, Fire Mist were approached to carry out a site survey and produce Automist fire suppression designs for the project. Fire Mist produced a comprehensive full installation package for the Automist systems to be installed to all four of the open plan new build properties. 


  • City Center Location: The new build houses were located in a densely populated area, making fire safety a top priority due to the close proximity of neighboring properties and limited access to a fire appliance.
  • Safety Compliance: Meeting stringent fire safety regulations was essential to ensure the properties were in compliance with building regulations and standards.
  • Preserving Aesthetics: The property developer sought to install an advanced fire suppression system that would fit seamlessly into the open plan area and protect the escape route from the upper floor
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The Fire Mist Ltd Installation Package:

1. Site Assessment: The project commenced with a thorough site assessment conducted by Fire Mist. This assessment identified critical areas for Automist fire suppression installation to maximise protection while adhering to the design aesthetics.

2. Customised System Design: Fire Mist collaborated closely with the property developer to create a tailored Automist system design for each house. This design integrated seamlessly with the architectural plans, ensuring the suppression system would blend with the properties’ interior aesthetics.

3. High-Quality Automist Installation: Fire Mist‘s team of trained specialists carried out the installation of Automist systems in each of the four houses. The installation process adhered to industry best practices and the highest safety standards.

4. Commissioning: Once fully installed, Fire Mist commissioned the Automist systems to ensure that all components were operating correctly and within specified parameters.

5. Compliance Documentation: Fire Mist provided comprehensive documentation, including certificates of commissioning.

6. Client Training: The property developer’s team received in-depth training on system operation and maintenance, ensuring they could effectively manage the Automist systems in the future.


The installation of Automist fire suppression systems by Fire Mist in the four new build houses in Newark, Nottinghamshire, yielded significant benefits:

  • Enhanced Fire Safety: The properties were equipped with an efficient fire suppression system, reducing the risk of fire-related damage and injuries to occupants.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Integration: Fire Mist’s expertise ensured that the Automist systems were seamlessly integrated into the houses’ design, preserving their visual appeal.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The project achieved full compliance with fire safety regulations, giving the property developer confidence in the safety of their investment.
  • Client Empowerment: The property developer’s team was well-prepared to manage and maintain the Automist systems, ensuring long-term effectiveness.


The collaboration between the property developer and Fire Mist resulted in a successful installation of Automist fire suppression systems, enhancing fire safety in the heart of Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire. This case study illustrates how specialist installers, Fire Mist Ltd, provide a comprehensive installation package that not only meets safety standards but also integrates seamlessly with the architectural and design goals of the project. The four new build houses now stand as examples of modern fire safety and aesthetics coexisting harmoniously in urban living spaces.


What is Automist?

In the realm of home safety, advancements are continually being made to mitigate the risks posed by fire hazards. Plumis Automist stands at the forefront of this innovation, offering a groundbreaking solution that redefines traditional fire suppression systems. But what exactly is Plumis Automist, and how does it revolutionise fire safety in modern homes?

Understanding Plumis Automist

Plumis Automist is an innovative fire suppression system designed to safeguard residential spaces with an emphasis on efficiency, aesthetics, and sustainability. Unlike conventional sprinkler systems, which can be intrusive and water-intensive, Plumis Automist offers a more discreet and targeted approach to fire suppression.

At its core, Plumis Automist utilises advanced misting technology to control and suppress fires effectively. The system comprises a network of discreetly installed nozzles connected to a pump and household water supply. In the event of a fire, the system activates, releasing a fine mist that rapidly reduces the temperature and suppresses the flames.

Key Features and Benefits

1. Rapid Response:

One of the standout features of Plumis Automist is its swift response time. Traditional sprinkler systems often blanket an entire area with water, regardless of the location of the fire. In contrast, Plumis Automist precisely targets the source of the fire, delivering a concentrated mist that can swiftly contain and suppress the flames.

2. Minimal Water Usage:

Water conservation is a growing concern, particularly in regions prone to drought or water scarcity. Plumis Automist addresses this issue by using significantly less water compared to traditional sprinkler systems. The fine water mist produced by Automist requires far less water to achieve effective fire suppression, minimising water damage to the property.

3. Design Integration:

Aesthetics play a crucial role in modern home design, and traditional fire suppression systems can often detract from the overall aesthetic appeal. Plumis Automist offers a more seamless integration with interior design, with discreet nozzles that are incorporated walls, or other architectural elements without compromising visual aesthetics.

4. Retrofitting Capability:

One of the significant advantages of Plumis Automist is its retrofitting capability. Unlike conventional sprinkler systems, which may require extensive retrofitting or modifications to existing structures, Automist can be installed with minimal disruption. This versatility makes it an attractive option for both new construction projects and retrofitting older homes.

5. Enhanced Safety:

Above all, Plumis Automist prioritises the safety of occupants. By swiftly suppressing fires at their source, the system helps to minimise the spread of flames and smoke, buying crucial time for evacuation and emergency response. This proactive approach to fire safety can significantly reduce the risk of property damage and, most importantly, save lives.


In an era defined by technological innovation, Plumis Automist emerges as a game-changer in the realm of residential fire safety. With its rapid response, minimal water usage, design integration, retrofitting capability, and enhanced safety features, Automist offers a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of modern homeowners.

As the demand for efficient and sustainable fire suppression systems continues to rise, Automist stands poised to shape the future of home safety, setting new standards for effectiveness, reliability, and peace of mind.

How does the Plumis Automist system compare in cost to traditional sprinkler systems?

The Plumis Automist system presents a compelling cost comparison to traditional sprinkler systems, particularly when considering its features such as rapid response, minimal water usage, and design integration. Automist’s efficiency in fire suppression, primarily due to its use of water mist, not only contributes to its effectiveness but also plays a significant role in its cost-effectiveness.

When comparing costs, traditional sprinkler systems often entail higher upfront expenses. This is partly due to the need for extensive water infrastructure upgrades, including costly mains water supply upgrades or the installation of additional water storage tanks. These upgrades are necessary to ensure that the sprinkler system has an adequate water supply to function effectively in the event of a fire.

In contrast, the Plumis Automist system’s low water requirements make it a more cost-effective option. Because water mist is a highly efficient fire suppressant, Automist does not require a large water supply typically needed for traditional sprinkler systems. Consequently, property owners can avoid the expenses associated with mains water supply upgrades or the installation of water storage tanks, resulting in significant cost savings.

Moreover, Automist’s rapid response and minimal water usage contribute to its overall cost-effectiveness. By swiftly targeting the source of the fire with a fine mist, Automist can contain and suppress fires more efficiently than traditional sprinkler systems. This rapid response not only minimises fire damage but also reduces the amount of water required for suppression, further lowering operational costs.

Additionally, Automist’s design integration capabilities enhance its cost-effectiveness by minimising the need for aesthetic alterations or structural modifications. The system’s discreetly installed wall mountednozzles can seamlessly blend into the property’s interior design, eliminating the need for costly redesigns to accommodate bulky sprinkler heads.

In summary, the Plumis Automist system offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional sprinkler systems, thanks to its efficient use of water mist for fire suppression. By eliminating the need for costly mains water supply upgrades or water storage tanks and providing rapid response capabilities and design integration, Automist presents a compelling option for property owners seeking effective and economical fire protection solutions.

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