Automist fire suppression installed in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Client requirements

Fire Mist were contacted to provide a full turn-key Automist installation to this loft converted property in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Following a site survey, we provided a fire suppression system design for building control approval. We supplied our client with a comprehensive quotation for the full installation of the Automist system and the full installation of the required electrical and water supplies.

To provide suitable water mist coverage of the open plan ground floor, two Automist wall mounted spray heads were installed with an Automist pump and controller.



All Automist high pressure hoses and cables were installed with minimal disruption to the finished decorated surfaces.

Once all system components were fitted, the Automist system was tested and commissioned as required by system manufacturer, Plumis.

Unlike traditional fire suppression systems, all Plumis Automist components are verified by simulating a system activation during commissioning. This verifies the performance and correct operation of all nozzles and the pump.



By applying water mist from a wall mounted position  the mist is applied below the hot layer of gas at the ceiling level of the room. The water mist is entrained into the fire, suppressing and extinguishing using just 5.5 litres of water per minute.

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